Condiment Car

We're Back For The 2007 20th Houston Art Car Parade


3rd year maybe our last - Original packets are getting real thin

- May 12th -

The perfect 1991 Dodge Daytona for the Fast Food Nation. This car is completely covered with over 5,000 condiment packets. These still full packets have been firmly glued to the car body.

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Why we did this?

We had 4,000 condiment packets, we had a car, what the heck else are we suppose to do?

How we came up with the idea.

Glenn's 1991 Dodge Daytona was at it's last legs, and he was looking for a new car. Does he trade the Daytona in or keep it. After deciding to keep it, an idea was born. We ruminated for four or five years and finally Jack said just do it.

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